Correlsense Evaluated in Application Performance Monitoring

Innovators Report by Leading Analyst Firm

Correlsense, a provider of business transaction management solutions, today announced its inclusion in the March 2010 Gartner report, “APM Innovators: Emerging Vendors Drive Market Evolution.” Correlsense was one of the six companies evaluated within this report that detailed smaller, specialized vendors who are key sources of innovation within the application performance monitoring (APM) industry.

Unlike other solutions that are application-specific or only conduct random samplings, Correlsense’s SharePath is easy to deploy and provides rich detail and deeper integration of transaction profiling, application modeling and end-user experience monitoring with no impact on production performance. SharePath continuously monitors 100 percent of transactions across all applications. The solution is used by businesses of all sizes to resolve performance issues, minimize the risks associated with new service roll-outs, optimize applications to allow a better user experience and improve the capacity planning process.

“APM technologies are evolving rapidly along four trajectories: richer end-user experience monitoring; deeper integration among end-user experience monitoring, user-defined transaction profiling, and application component deep-dive monitoring—frequently through the more pervasive utilization of the application performance management database functionality; deeper embedding of APM into application life cycle management; and deep blending of APM and network performance monitoring,” said Will Cappelli, research vice president at Gartner, in the report.

In addition to ease of deployment, SharePath lets enterprises:

  • Automatically generate multi-tier models of an application’s transaction path.
  • Create topographical maps that show entire transaction flows.
  • Use the comprehensive data for deep diagnostics, impact analysis and problem resolution.

“We help our customers to ensure greater IT reliability and service through in-depth management and understanding of their infrastructure and applications,” said Oren Elias, chief executive officer of Correlsense. “We believe the Gartner APM Innovators report validates our technology approach and our commitment to helping organizations manage their applications from a business perspective so they can derive more value out of their existing investments.”

The APM Innovator report is a follow-up publication to the Gartner Magic Quadrant on Application Performance Monitoring, which was released earlier in 2010. The “APM Innovators: Emerging Vendors Drive Market Evolution” report is available to Gartner clients at:

About Correlsense
Correlsense SharePath provides a breakthrough in IT Reliability™ by enabling for the first time both a bird’s-eye and a detailed view of how business transactions perform across the four dimensions (4D) of end-users, applications, infrastructure and business processes. While other service management and performance management applications focus on identifying problems at individual components (servers, databases, etc.), SharePath automatically detects and traces each entire transaction path, from a click in the browser through all its hops across data center tiers. With the ability to record and correlate individual transaction activations across both physical and virtual components, IT gains full visibility of the transaction metrics required to ensure IT Reliability™ for packaged and homegrown applications. The rich data from SharePath is used by major enterprises to rapidly pinpoint and solve problems and to gain unprecedented insights for their IT service management initiatives such as ITIL. For more information please visit