Correlsense SharePath 3.0 Enterprise APM Solution Adopts Big Data Capabilities, Bringing Massive Scalability to Managing Complex Interconnected Applications

Full-Text Transaction Search, Refreshed User Interface and Collaboration Improvements Provide Faster Answers for Difficult Application Performance Questions

Framingham, Mass. – April 30, 2013 – Correlsense, a leader in application performance management (APM) solutions for IT operations, today announced the general availability of SharePath 3.0, the company’s enterprise-class APM solution, built to handle the big data challenges resulting from monitoring modern IT environments. Re-architected around a new NoSQL repository, SharePath offers analytics and real-time insights that scale to meet the needs of today’s global businesses.

The explosive growth of mobile applications, multi-layered architectures and interconnected applications produces an increasing volume of performance data. With its new NoSQL-based backend, SharePath now solves this growing enterprise performance data management problem. Using a single management console, SharePath scales to efficiently capture, analyze, store and index billions of application performance metrics per day.

SharePath does this while maintaining visibility into the “in-context” metrics that explain why user-experience degrades, even when production volumes are unexpectedly high. This means that IT operations and support teams can use SharePath to analyze huge volumes of performance data to find the root cause of hard-to-find, intermittent problems faster and with greater confidence.

“APM for highly complex, distributed, virtualized and cloud applications is a big data problem,” said Bernd Harzog, performance and capacity management analyst for The Virtualization Practice. “Correlsense is the first APM vendor with a big data-ready backend that addresses the challenges that come about when you try to monitor and analyze increasingly large, complex and integrated applications.”

This new release builds on SharePath’s strengths in following 100 percent of individual user transactions and their context across a broad variety of desktop, infrastructure, application and integration components. SharePath’s coverage is further enhanced to include more technologies such as TCL, PHP and Informix. Tracking individual transactions across components, the network, the operating system, application layer and code with a single unified user context, allows operations and support teams to isolate a wider range of performance problems. This rich data enables IT to resolve ambiguities about where and why problems occur, and what is truly impacting the end user experience.

“Enterprise applications are getting more complex and interconnected every day,” said Ken Marshall, Correlsense CEO. “SharePath 3.0 takes a completely new approach to managing APM data that gives IT operations and production support teams a solution to the performance management challenges posed by the technological diversity and increasing scale of their applications.”

With new full-text transaction search functionality, SharePath users can search and analyze user transactions based on any user, application or infrastructure-related criteria. When end users complain about intermittent problems or slow response times, IT operations and support teams have detailed metadata to find the problematic transactions using the user’s non-technical language or business terms. This accelerates the problem solving process with great confidence that the problem observed is indeed the one affecting performance.

“We deployed SharePath 3.0 to scale up and out our server to better manage our increasingly complex enterprise IT,” said Andy Elkin, IT capacity manager at Network Rail. “Our team includes over 100 application owners who are regularly asking us about performance, and instead of guessing we are able to provide them with quick and accurate answers that we simply could not provide before we had SharePath.”

SharePath 3.0 makes performance problems obvious to both IT and business stakeholders. The refreshed user interface makes problem isolation and routine management tasks simpler through intuitive self-guided views for real-time monitoring, performance optimization and trending. The new report scheduling capability allows IT to provide all business stakeholders with the state and trends of application performance.

About Correlsense
Correlsense develops application performance management and IT monitoring software. It is the APM product of choice for business and IT operations managers that rely on complex and critical enterprise applications. Correlsense paints a complete and dynamic picture of IT service levels and performance for applications that span mobile, SaaS, cloud, data center and legacy mainframes. Correlsense was founded in 2005, is privately held and SharePath customers include some of the world’s largest financial, telecom and healthcare firms. For more information, visit

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