Correlsense Unveils SharePath RUM Express, Enterprise and Cloud Editions to Manage Web-based Application Performance

Correlsense, a provider of IT Reliability™ solutions, today announced the availability of SharePath RUM Express, the only free, purely software-based solution for measuring the end-user experience of cloud-based and on-premise applications. In addition, Correlsense also launched the SharePath RUM Enterprise and Cloud editions, which offer expanded capabilities at an affordable price guaranteed to be 85 percent less expensive than comparable real user monitoring solutions available today.

Customer-facing applications, such as online banking and e-commerce, are used by businesses to drive revenue and ensure business continuity. Real user monitoring (RUM) lets businesses isolate problems and pinpoint bottlenecks that exist in the data center, network or applications. With this information easily accessible, enterprises can proactively identify and fix problems before customers are affected, reducing the number of service complaints and solidifying customer loyalty.

“We operate a complex, multi-site Web application, and our customers’ experiences are very important to us,” said Matty Roter, director of IT and operations at SuperDerivatives, Inc., the derivatives benchmark and leading multi-asset front office system provider. “We chose SharePath RUM because it lets us monitor and analyze performance without installing any components on the client side. We installed SharePath on Web servers in our New York and London data centers. Using SharePath RUM, we are able to identify application and networking challenges and take proactive action to correct them, ensuring optimal performance for our customers at all times.”

IT teams can use SharePath RUM to monitor service levels in public cloud environments such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), as well as for privately hosted applications. The solution is preconfigured for easy, rapid deployment. Within minutes, businesses gain multi-level visibility into the user experience, including the time it takes a transaction to complete from a click at the desktop through the IT infrastructure and back.

Other valuable metrics SharePath RUM Express offers include the speed at which the data center processes user requests, the network delays between the end user and the data center, and the time it takes a browser to completely render a Web page. SharePath RUM Express measures every end-user interaction, unlike some solutions that rely upon synthetic transactions and consequently deliver a less reliable picture of true user experience.

The free version of SharePath RUM Express, along with supporting resources, is available for download at This perpetual license supports two Web servers and one application. The SharePath RUM Enterprise Edition offers additional scalability for multiple Web servers and applications at a significantly reduced cost when compared to any other solution on the market.

“IT operations are struggling to manage application performance in agile environments that experience frequent and extensive change,” said Oren Elias, CEO of Correlsense. “With SharePath RUM, enterprises gain visibility into what the real user experience is and the improvements that are needed, leading to greater IT reliability and better customer experiences with online applications.”

About Correlsense
Correlsense SharePath provides a breakthrough in IT Reliability™ by enabling for the first time both a bird’s-eye and detailed view of how business transactions perform across the four dimensions of end-users, applications, infrastructure and business processes. While other service management and performance management applications focus on identifying problems at individual components (servers, databases, etc.), SharePath automatically detects and traces each entire transaction path, from a click in the browser through all its hops across data center tiers. With the ability to record and correlate individual transaction activations across both physical and virtual components, IT gains full visibility of the transaction metrics required to ensure IT Reliability™ for packaged and homegrown applications. The rich data from SharePath is used by major enterprises to rapidly pinpoint and solve problems and to gain unprecedented insights for their IT service management initiatives such as ITIL.