Correlsense’s 2013 Growth Rate Hits 75% – Increases 100% in International Markets

New customer wins and sales to existing accounts drive global growth 

Framingham, Mass. – January 14, 2014 – Correlsense, the leading enterprise Application Performance Management (APM) company, today announced that 2013 bookings increased 75% over the previous year.  The company’s SharePath server and thousands of associated collectors now monitor hundreds of new, legacy, and commercial applications. The company’s international business rose 100% putting it slightly above US revenues.

In October 2013 the company raised $4.2 million in venture capital, with a total of $14.5 million invested in the prior fifteen months.

SharePath is designed for enterprise environments where there are multiple servers, programming languages, databases, applications, middleware components, and a variety of end points. SharePath’s big data architecture correlates information from all these sources to track performance in the most complex infrastructures.

“The enterprise segment of the APM market is growing rapidly and our products are uniquely positioned to take market share,” said Ken Marshall, CEO of Correlsense. “The early adopter phase of the market was driven by developers of new applications. The market is now entering the mainstream where companies require a more holistic view of performance.”

Enterprise applications are highly sophisticated. They are often composite applications spanning new software, legacy code, and packaged solutions. Employees and customers may access these applications from Internet browsers, terminals, or rich clients like desktop workstations. A single user transaction may touch dozens of servers and applications inside the company and in the cloud.

SharePath tracks transactions across their complete journey and isolates the problem source. Once identified, SharePath customers can easily do a “deep dive” to view the details of the issue and determine the best course of corrective action. SharePath also helps customers understand potential problems and capture information that may be used by businesses to provide better service and ensure the performance of revenue generating applications.

About Correlsense
Correlsense develops enterprise application performance management and IT monitoring software for major corporations worldwide. It is the APM product of choice for business and IT operations managers that rely on complex enterprise applications. Correlsense paints a complete picture of IT service levels and performance for applications that span mobile, SaaS, cloud, data center and legacy mainframes. SharePath customers include some of the world’s largest financial, telecom, gaming, and healthcare firms. For more information, visit