Data Analytics Is Essential for Application Performance Management


Data Analytics Is Essential. Organizations of all sizes constantly fight against undetected bugs, slow-loading pages, abandoned shopping carts, poor customer experiences, and the inevitable dip in revenue. In today’s dynamic and globally connected IT environments, APM software with full transaction-tracing is absolutely vital. Due to many factors, including the rise of Anything-as-a-Service, the exponential growth of mobile devices, dynamic data centers (on-premise, cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid “data centers”), and complex and diverse application stacks, IT requires monitoring software that provides greater detail than ever before.

On a macro level, tracking each transaction across applications, tiers, hops, and computing environments increases scalability, flexibility, and productivity, especially for large organizations dealing with hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of employees and multiple third-party services. Tracing each end-user transaction also helps businesses to meet mandatory industry compliance standards (e.g., HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.) and SLAs.

But let’s dive deeper: How can transaction tracing, real user monitoring, code-level visibility and smart APM data analytics help companies monitor their entire IT stack efficiently?

Data Analytics

Full Visibility Transaction Tracing and Mapping

Full visibility transaction tracing across the entire IT stack provides data that gives companies granular visibility and eliminates guesswork. Thanks to this level of detail, companies can easily pinpoint and troubleshoot problem areas without alerting —and possibly inconveniencing—clients. Your customer support becomes proactive, identifying and fixing issues before you even get the call that something is wrong.

Correlsense SharePath is the only APM product on the market that offers this kind of mapping with full transaction tracing features.  Each IT personnel can trace anything from dynamic desktop apps, browsers, and Citrix servers to web applications, web servers and databases, achieving code level detail on Java, .NET and PHP architectures. Using this high volume of data, you have a repository for every user and each transaction and hop they make across the entire IT stack, from on-premises to cloud and back. It’s effortless to identify trends, outliers and issues at a glance.

Problem Isolation by Tier, IP, User, Computing Environment, and/or Application

This kind of data analysis for problem isolation creates more meaningful customer experiences and beefs up your cybersecurity defense, too. Companies running multiple dynamic or complex third-party services and applications can’t afford coding errors and slow performance, which may result in an HTTP 500 server error or undetected desktop and mobile cyber threats. Malware variants increased by an incredible 54 percent this year. Comparing current figures to historical data, SharePath isolates issues by user, IP, tier, application, and/or customized criteria and enable you to view an accurate map of exactly where a problem is occurring, even at a granular code level.

Real-Time Capabilities

Tracking web-based and non-web-based transactions with SharePath’s built-in real-time data analysis enables faster problem isolation. When a problem occurs, you can’t be even one step behind your end-users. As a fully holistic solution, you can provide for your own customers a more accurate end-user experience across multiple landscapes, from mobile, and cloud applications, to SaaS or third-party solutions that make up any part of a dynamic IT environment. Real user monitoring enables companies to observe, record, and make changes to client centric applications as issues occur.


Troubleshooting Issues Using Alerts and Reports

Real-time alerts and reports notify IT personnel to troubleshoot errors without negatively impacting the end user experience. SharePath sends instant alerts and reports to relevant personnel across the entire IT stack so concurrent issues on several tiers can be detected and resolved.

This data analysis is easy to read, eliminating confusion across departments from accounting or public relations to human resources or legal. Reports can also be tailored for shareholder meetings and are useful during audits and for meeting regulatory requirements in compliance.

Take ecommerce for example. B2C businesses can receive alerts when clients enter their websites, and report on customer behavior. SharePath tracks and collects data on customer activity while they are on the site, and each transaction they make. Real-user monitoring gives ecommerce sites a glimpse into real client behavior patterns, allowing them to address issues, identify VIP customers, and decrease bounce and churn rate.

Should I Be Looking for Machine Learning with my APM?

Machine learning is a popular buzzword in data analytics, but it’s not a necessity to uncover true value from application performance management tools.

For example, SharePath uses advanced algorithms and automatically compares your data with historical baselines and real-time information to discover what’s out of the norm. You’re then given the reports and analysis that you need to make smart changes where they will make a difference. For further analysis, all the data collected by SharePath can be presented in your own analytics engine.

For those who want a broader solution, SharePath will soon be integrated with the analytics engine Elasticsearch (as well as Kibana to visualize and navigate Elasticsearch data). From this partnership, customers will get the information they want from their data by asking simple questions.  They can view the big picture of their business process alongside the granular detail SharePath users have always enjoyed.

Final Thoughts

Research and Markets projects a 4-billion-dollar spike in the global performance management market, from roughly $4.63 billion (US) last year to approximately $8.77 billion (US) in 5 years’ time. This demand is largely due to a growing need for data analytics in fast-changing and dynamic environments.

However, APM software is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and while machine learning and artificial intelligence are set to transform the world of APM in the future, you can solve your transaction problems today with SharePath. It provides a unique set of powerful tools, from granular code-level visibility, best-in-class problem isolation, real-time transaction tracing to user monitoring and smart analytics.

SharePath data analysis tools allow you to provide proactive customer support for your end-users, bolstering your compliance and cybersecurity with powerful real-time algorithms and alerts. Keeping every link of the digital chain intact, this is done by enabling transaction topology across a company’s entire IT stack for industry-leading visibility.