IT Availability Management


IT Availability Management

Dependency mapping helps businesses understand the availability of their business processes. Learn how SharePath can help IT achieve maximum availability.

The availability of IT products is a key element of the success of any company. Business processes — ranging from adding new customers to order processing, inventory management, product scheduling, billing and customer service — play a role in the success of any organization. Given the growing importance and value of these services, IT availability management is a strategic element in the success of a company.

Before, IT groups starting availability management initiatives have focused on the availability of the most technical components of the IT infrastructure. Although this information is valuable to IT staff, it is usually less so to the business. Instead, the business partners of IT organizations need to understand the availability of their business processes.

Many organizations have started to improve IT availability management with the implementation of ITSM practices and processes. At its core is the construction of the CMDB database through discovery processes. Sometimes this can take days or weeks to complete. Depending on the frequency of change, changes could be introduced and would not be discovered until the discovery processes were executed again. In a dynamic configuration environment, the number of changes occurring would drive a high frequency of discovery work.

As the need for maximum availability increases, the processes associated with discovery need to be re-engineered into a more real-time detection process to ensure that the most current software and hardware configuration information is available at all times. Understanding hardware, software and network configurations at execution time without consuming large amounts of resources offers a dynamic base of information to support availability management. This change in thinking ensures that the most accurate configuration information available is presented as needed for problem resolution, performance analysis or audit reviews.

IT availability management offers an opportunity for IT staff to learn about a company’s key business processes. It provides the IT team the window to demonstrate the value of IT services to the business. Availability management provides IT and other company personnel a common platform to discuss opportunities to improve business processes and drive more value from company services.

SharePath monitors business transactions end-to-end to provide a complete view of how transactions perform across the four dimensions of end users, applications, infrastructure and business processes.

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