Doctor IT

lanir-shachamIs your IT system experiencing problems?

IT systems today are extremely complex and it can be hard to isolate the causes of performance problems and bottlenecks. When users complain about slow response time, or when servers crash, hang or need to be rebooted or re-installed, Correlsense’s DoctorIT service can find and root out the source of the problem.

Does your IT system suffer from any of the following?

  • Slow applications
  • Bottlenecks
  • Frequent crashes
  • User complaints about response time
  • Need to restart or reboot often
  • Poor performance
  • Servers get stuck or “hang”
  • Have to reinstall
  • 100% CPU usage

DoctorIT can help
Correlsense’s DoctorIT can solve your hard-to-detect performance and bottlenecks problems in your critical applications. Guaranteed.

Correlsense’s proprietary tools and technology combined with clear methodology developed through extensive in-the-field experience, allow DoctorIT to isolate the bottlenecks that slow your applications and reduce your system’s response time.

Serve your customers better
DoctorIT solutions will bring your IT system to its full potential, allowing you to provide the excellent service that you want to be known for.

DoctorIT will streamline your IT system, releasing bottlenecks, improving poor performance and reducing overload. Your system will work more smoothly, maintenance will be easier and customers will be more satisfied.

Correlsense technology at work
Correlsense tools monitor cross tier transactions, from end-to-end. They penetrate the maze of information to find the relevant bits, building a view of the entire system and each of its services and applications as a whole, and providing an executive, actionable assessment for optimizing performance.

Your IT system servers will no longer hang, no longer need to be rebooted, restarted or re-installed, and will no longer tie up 100% CPU. Slow applications will speed up, poor performance will disappear, and most importantly, user complaints will be a thing of the past.

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