Don't Let IT Process Break Down Business

In today’s complicated IT world it is much easier for business stakeholders to circumvent IT processes when the two organizations are not properly aligned. For instance, business professionals may download a cloud-based application for CRM, human resources or project management purposes. Or, workers could even bring their own device (BYOD) without the consent of IT. This is not a recipe for long term success though. IT and business must be aligned properly in terms of strategic direction. Furthermore, IT must provide always-on, reliable service to business critical applications. This is where application performance monitoring solutions can play a role.

“When IT fails, so does the business. It is more imperative than ever that all stakeholders work together to ensure IT investments are appropriate and potential service failures are handled in a way that will not impact productivity and profitability. With proper people planning and technology, IT and the business can work with, not against, each other to meet their co-operative goals.”

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