Don't Let Perishable Applications Go Bad

When we think of mission critical applications, we tend to think of CRM systems, mobile banking, or e-commerce apps from large online retailers. With the right monitoring solution, you will be able to pinpoint problems in these applications before they get passed on to the customers. What happens when you have an application that is produced for a specific event or campaign? A “perishable application? How do you proactively monitor these before and during deployment to ensure they work when it’s their time to shine?

But what if your mission-critical application is not designed to last? What if your app is perishable with a shelf life of only a few hours or days? With these apps, traditional monitoring and remediation become irrelevant. The app will expire before it can be fixed. But, that doesn’t mean that perishable apps are fated to be poor performing and unsatisfying. Proper planning, testing, and additional resources can keep your perishable apps from going bad.

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