eCommerce Websites


eCommerce Websites

How can monitoring thousands of transactions per second lead to increased profits?

For large organizations that rely on eCommerce sites (such as retail or insurance) and/or applications to serve their customers and generate thousands of transactions every second, every second counts. In fact, every millisecond counts.

Why? Most importantly, because your customers are used to Google, Facebook, and other prevalent websites where they get the information (and whatever else) they need in a mere few milliseconds. Competition is tough and your customers, especially premium customers, are used to getting what they want quickly and they won’t wait around for your website to respond. If they wait longer than a few milliseconds, they’ll move on to your competitors.

Which leads to the biggest challenge of all, and it isn’t even ensuring that they don’t wait − it’s knowing that they are waiting in the first place. In most cases, you won’t even be aware that you’re losing your customers because of a few seconds. But it will be evident in your bottom line, especially when it happens to your premium customers who make up the majority of your business.

In the case of one of our customers, a large company that relied solely on revenue generated from its website, Correlsense was able to solve this challenge. By deploying Correlsense’s flagship product, SharePath, our customer is now able to see every single user activity, every transaction and every hop across multiple technologies – and in real-time.



In this manner, our customer was able to track end-user behavior, identify premium customers using an intuitive dashboard, and use this information to create a unique experience for its premium customers. These customers now benefit from real-time proactive customer service, and are contacted by Customer Service Representatives even before they complain about an issue. This means that the customers are happy and continue to use our customer’s website – which ultimately leads to increased customer retention, satisfaction and, you guessed it, higher profits.





By installing SharePath, our customer was able to:

  • Track and receive alerts in real-time when premium customers enter their site – SharePath tracks and collects data on all customer activities and transactions.
  • Receive alerts when premium customers are unable to place orders and drill down to all granular levels – proactively service their premium customers and keep them on their site.
  • Understand the behavior of users in greater detail – know exactly which customers are impacted by issues and proactively reach out to keep them on their site; identify the most important customers and provide them with premium customer service by tracking their activity.
  • Thank customers for their activities on their site and send promotions suited to their consumer behavior.
  • Actively solve performance and application lagging issues during crises through proactive communication with customers.
  • Use the SharePath intuitive dashboard to identify, isolate and track problems in real-time.