EMA Webinar: Measuring User Experience in the Cloud

Cloud computing brings with it many benefits, especially lower IT costs and increased flexibility. However, the dynamic, hybrid nature of Cloud environments require enterprises to re-think their existing IT management processes and tools. Applications that perform poorly and fail to meet service levels — whether on premise or in the Cloud — can cause users to churn and revenues to drop.

See below for a recording of an online seminar from EMA Research Director Julie Craig and Correlsense CEO Oren Elias that will highlight ways to measure how end users experience your business applications, as well as identify which approaches are likely candidates for a long-term strategy.

Attendees will learn:

    • How end-user response times are impacted by components and new changes that are introduced in the IT environment
    • The 3 tips for managing Cloud-based applications
    • The “secret sauce” for reliable end user monitoring, based on customer case studies that will be presented

View the recording now at: http://bit.ly/jc3k9i.