Correlsense Brings Innovation To The Forefront Of Enterprise Performance Management

Lanir-Correlsense-CEOCorrelsense develops application performance management and monitoring software to help enterprise IT teams diagnose performance problems in real time. Correlsense provides in depth analytics and enables improvements in performance and user experience. Below is our interview with Lanir Shacham, Founder and CEO of Correlsense:

Q:Tell us something more about the company and your core competence?

A: Correlsense is unique in its ability to trace single user requests for any application and follow them through the entire technology stack within an enterprise data-center. Some of the world’s largest companies rely on Correlsense’s product, SharePath, to manage their critical application’s performance and to ensure their apps are always up and running as expected. With SharePath, they can literately see every single user’s click and discover why it took five seconds to process instead of one second. SharePath shows how much of these five second interactions were spent in the web server, app server, database, message brokers, other apps and so forth.

Q: Could you tell us something more about your business performance management platform – SharePath?

A: SharePath is the only application performance management product in the market that can trace single user activities across a diverse range of technologies. SharePath captures every single user click; whether from a web browser, smartphone, desktop application installed on a PC or terminal server. This user request is sent to a type of software element for further processing, such as a web server. Typically the web server will forward the request to yet another component, such as an app server, which will send it to a database and so forth. Tracing all these calls, and still maintaining the original user context that actually generated the original transaction, is an extremely challenging task which only Correlsense has been able to solve in the past decade. Correlsense has a granted patent on its agent technology which enables the collection of all this data in a generic but yet still deterministic fashion. More so, these vast amounts of transaction calls, potentially more than a billion calls per day – are all sent to the SharePath backend grid for accurate correlation and analysis, where it is indexed and maintained in the SharePath Big Data Repository.

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