First International Bank of Israel Achieves IT Reliability


with Business Transaction Management Solution from Correlsense

Correlsense, a provider of business transaction management solutions, today announced that the First International Bank of Israel (FIBI) is improving customer service and IT reliability using Correlsense’s SharePath solution. By automatically monitoring all business transactions in real time, SharePath lets FIBI identify problems, pinpoint bottlenecks and ensure a high level of service from its IT systems.

FIBI is using Correlsense’s SharePath to manage, analyze and audit its IT systems’ performance and management initiatives to help increase revenues, as well as improve employee and customer satisfaction levels. SharePath automatically and rapidly generates detailed, multi-tier models of every step an application takes within the FIBI IT infrastructure, making it easy for the company to capture important application data without impacting production performance.

“SharePath lets us provide a higher quality of service for FIBI’s customers while allowing us to maximize the utilization of the bank’s IT resources,” said Amnon Beck, FIBI’s CIO. “With SharePath, we can monitor, triage and resolve problems that occur as a result of a whole spectrum of reasons in the bank’s IT systems, Internet and intranet applications.”

Built on the premise of business transaction management, SharePath monitors 100 percent of applications in real time, offering companies a complete view of IT systems’ data for deep diagnostics, change management, problem resolution and more. While traditional monitoring tools provide partial visibility into the activity of IT components, SharePath provides both a bird’s-eye and detailed view of system behavior by monitoring complete transactions. In this way, financial institutions like FIBI can manage their banking systems to help ensure that the response times of stock orders and other critical applications are completed in the least possible time, while pinpointing and neutralizing bottlenecks.

“Modern IT systems present a great challenge to many organizations dealing with growing user volumes, as FIBI experienced. By implementing SharePath, this institution improves customer satisfaction by enabling the identification of problems before they cause damage,” said Lanir Shacham, Correlsense CTO. “SharePath enables full control while mapping out all of the IT systems and the activities that flow through them in real time to provide IT reliability.”

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Correlsense SharePath provides a breakthrough in IT Reliability™ by enabling for the first time both a bird’s-eye and detailed view of how business transactions perform across the four dimensions (4D) of end-users, applications, infrastructure and business processes. While other service management and performance management applications focus on identifying problems at individual components (servers, data bases, etc.), SharePath automatically detects and traces each entire transaction path, from a click in the browser through all its hops across data center tiers. With the ability to record and correlate individual transaction activations across both physical and virtual components, IT gains full visibility of the transaction metrics required to ensure IT Reliability™ for packaged and homegrown applications. The rich data from SharePath is used by major enterprises to rapidly pinpoint and solve problems and to gain unprecedented insights for their IT Service Management initiatives such as ITIL. For more information please visit