Gartner: Private PaaS is for Real

Private PaaS is not just a mere technological fad, especially to Gartner analyst Eric Knipp. He claims it has the ability to reduce operational burden and increase developer productivity, both of which are worthwhile endeavors. However, how does one ensure peak performance for applications hosted off premise? One should also employ a sound monitoring strategy if PaaS is in place.

“Private PaaS is coming, but how do you adopt it if you’re the “classic” enterprise IT organization with a diverse portfolio of home-grown applications and integrations, running on what I will for the purposes of this discussion call “classic” middleware? Do you wait around until 2015 (or later) for Java EE 8 to bring you the cloudy features you’re looking for, now that we know for sure that Java EE 7 won’t have any? Or, do you just wait for your preferred IT megavendor to get around to offering you a for-real, multitenant, cloud-native, Private PaaS that goes beyond simply slapping a pre-built middleware stack onto a virtual machine?”

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