How do I choose software?

When I’m trying to decide whose software to buy, no matter what I need it for, I start by taking a close look at all the options out there, and I start asking the vendors some questions. There are lots of important questions, most of them revolving around competitors, features and the size of a vendor’s user base.

After many, many years in this business, I’ve learned that the first, most important question you can ask when shopping software is simple: “Do you guys use this stuff? Can you show me how you use it?”

If they do, and they can, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ve found the product you want to use.

Surprisingly, many software vendors will have to answer “no” to this question. In my opinion, they are showing a lack of faith in their own product, not to mention a lack of ownership in the product’s capabilities. Think about it: The most obvious proof of a product’s usefulness is whether or not the vendor uses it. Without its own creator’s endorsement, any product looks pretty worthless.

Imagine you’re buying a new car. You’ve been shopping a specific brand because you’ve heard such great things about their automobiles. But after talking to the vendor and listening to his pitch (covering everything from the safety rating to how much the ladies will like the car), you find out he’s driving a car made by a different manufacturer. He’s been talking up the virtues of his product this whole time, but at the end of the day he prefers something else. Maybe it’s because his ride is less expensive. Maybe, the seats are more comfortable. Or maybe it’s just a better car that what he was just trying to sell you.

At Correlsense, we use SharePath to monitor our operation. In fact, SharePath is used to monitor itself. Our R&D uses SharePath to QA SharePath before it is ever launched to customers. We preach and believe that our product can be used to gain visibility on the kind of “constant changes” so common in our environment; after all this is our world as well. We are constantly developing and changing what we lovingly call “our baby”. More than that, we use SharePath to monitor itself even in production, as an added guarantee to our customers, just to make sure we are making good on our promises. On top of that, of course, we us it to monitor our own web sites – both and , to get our real user measurements for every single click.

By relying on SharePath every day, Correlsense demonstrates what few others are willing to attempt; proof of a solid product that can be relied on time and time again. It might sound like we are going a bit overboard, but we do love our product.