How to Talk Like a CIO

In today’s complicated IT world being a CIO may be harder than ever. How can managers effectively lead their IT departments successfully and conquer the myriad problems they face? Put simply, effective communication. Effective communication, along with have the right strategies and tools in place to achieve business objectives is the only way to move forward. CIOS must be adept at communicating to all levels of the business. One way to do this is to really on one set of performance metrics and IT analytics. Application performance management provides the same set of facts which can be clearly articulated and understood.

Consider bad news as a golden opportunity. It’s a (would-be) CIO’s time to shine. This is your chance to show that you get people, that you understand the way the business runs and what disparate individuals and departments need from IT, and that you’re prepared to respond proactively to their concerns. As opposed to being in the default setting of many IT departments: i.e., reactive mode, only responding when things blow up.

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