Insurance Customer Improves Performance with SharePath

GAINSCO, an auto insurance provider who is currently using SharePath, recently spoke with Insurance Networking News for an article on how technology plays a part in improving customer service. In the article, GAINSCO’s Phil West, CIO, mentions the power SharePath delivers in being able to drill down to a granular level to see exactly what transaction is causing application performance problems. He likens SharePath to a “real-time data warehouse.”

A bit of background on GAINSCO. The company offers an online self-service portal so partner agents can quote, sell, and manage insurance policies. Foreseeing the next phase in the company’s evolution, GAINSCO undertook a major strategic effort in 2009 to re-architect its insurance sales portal, significantly upgrading systems and processes in order to manage transaction volume, improve security and position the company to react to changing market conditions. Because the company sells its insurance policies only through independent agents and not directly to consumers, the portal is vital to company success.

In mid-March 2010, as the company rolled out its new infrastructure platform across geographic territories, the portal began experiencing latencies and time-outs. The delays quickly became a hindrance, increasing the risk of losing agent business and loyalty. GAINSCO deployed SharePath to help them trace every transaction from the end-user action all the way to the back end of the data center.

GAINSCO’s IT team was able to find out exactly where the transaction latencies were originating, and in short order. According to Phil, “We didn’t have to crack open any code to get this monitoring going…we were up and running in hours and fully functional in a week. A problem that the SharePath tool may be able to pinpoint right down to the SQL statement might have taken us days to isolate before.”