Is BSM Dead?

An event occurred recently which marked the end of an era. BSMdigest, an online publication covering our space, relaunched as APM digest. What exactly does this mean? This proves that the term BSM was never well equipped for describing our industry. The term should have never been applied in the first place. In my view, BSM is dead for a multitude of reasons.

The crucial problem which caused the demise of BSM is the actual products never lived up to the hype. The industry began overusing the term almost immediately after its initial inception. BSM became a fancy marketing term for several, incredibly varied products. Furthermore, if you look at most of the BSM tools available versus the marketing terminologies used to describe them, there is an enormous disconnect. BSM is a catch-all phrase for anything and everything. However, some BSM products are simple remedy tools. None of the BSM offerings could offer you a full view of your IT from a transactional perspective.

Here is an example which helps illustrate these problems. I recently took a look at a BSM company’s website to view their offerings and product descriptions. They had 36 products all grouped under BSM! This three-letter company put more emphasis on utilizing the term than describing what the products actually do.

The industry has been trending away from BSM for a little while now. The launch of APMdigest seems to be the exclamation point. Going forward there are still many interesting points to consider though. What exactly is the right term for our industry? Is it APM? Something else?

Do you think BSM is dead? What do you see as the correct term for our industry?