IT Operations News: IT Doesn't Matter?

One of the biggest essays regarding IT operations is now 10 years old. IT Doesn’t Matter, in the May 2003 issue of the Harvard Business Review predicted the rise of infrastructure as a utility (cloud based technologies) and the end of harnessing server power as a competitive advantage for organizations. The article received significant backlash from IT vendors and also missed the mark on some predictions, no BYOD or IT consumerization for instance. Ultimately, what did Mr Carr get right and how does this piece still remain relevant?

Nick Carr rocked the tech world with his controversial essay in the May 2003 issue of the Harvard Business Review, titled “IT Doesn’t Matter.” Carr claimed companies were overspending on IT and that the competitive advantage to be gained by tech investments was shrinking as technology became more commoditized and accessible to everyone. On the 10-year anniversary of the article’s publication, Carr talked with Network World’s Ann Bednarz about what he got right, what he got wrong, and how the piece remains relevant today.

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