Little Things

This post is for my fellow software vendors. Customers / partners / distributors / investors—please skip this. It is not for your eyes.

Don’t you just hate the small annoying bugs? It’s the little things that shouldn’t have happened that were supposed to turn out in the unit test, integration test, system test, final QA test, but still they keep getting there, to the deployment. They are small things, fixed in a second, but still have an impact that nobody around will forget. You prepare months ahead, and still, at money time, someone forgot to turn the little thing on. You know what I’m talking about. Everybody in our industry knows what I’m talking about. It’s a curse.

So turns out it’s not just in software development. I am a father to a new baby girl. She’s my second girl (I’m blessed, I know, thank you). This time around my wife wanted a natural birth procedure, which means not using any anesthetics and no medical monitors, only me, her and the midwife. The actual procedure was quick (40 minutes!!) and very very positive, which I recommend deeply, but this is not the story. My wife wanted the room to be filled with candles, and to have some relaxing background music. That was, literally, my ONLY task. We visited the hospital a couple weeks before, and I asked to see the audio system they have in the room. They assured me that they have a modern CD player all-in-one box, and I of course assumed there is an inline input for external sources, as any normal all-in-one has, even years ago. However, they didn’t show it to me. So I made my backup—I have these cool, small speakers which I can connect to our iPod and that’s it. I even have batteries for this, so I don’t need any electricity and I can locate them anywhere I want. Now I have used this before, and I checked it two days before my wife actually gave birth, and everything worked fine.

But of course, as my wife is in the middle of a contraction, pain pain, pain, I hear her yell, “What about the @$%$%^ relaxing music ??!#$$%^,” and I’m like, “I’m on it! I’m on it!” But the damn stereo they had there DIDN’T have an external inline source, and for some reason, I wish someone would tell me why my speaker cable suddenly didn’t like the iPod anymore. I had to play with the thing for 15 minutes for it to work. Now you’re saying 15 minutes…but 15 minutes out of a 40 minute birth event, is something I will hear of for the rest of my life…

So guys, cheer up! This curse is everywhere!

Until next time,