Live Webcast: Guarantee Peak Performance from TriZetto

TriZetto® is the gold standard in healthcare software. Join us for a FREE webcast to learn how to get maximum performance from your Facets, QNXT, and CareAdvance software. If you are using these applications now, upgrading to a new version, or simply evaluating them, performance is critical to meeting your employee, subscriber, and provider expectations.

Register now, to join our panel of experts and learn:

  • How to monitor TriZetto software across the complete technology stack
  • How to effectively deliver production support for TriZetto software and end users
  • How to gather better user information for your desktops or Citrix environment
  • How to see through middleware directly to your applications in a context of users’ requests
  • How to troubleshoot frequent or intermittent performance problems
  • How to manage changes without risking performance degradation

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