New Webinars on Transaction Management and Capacity Planning

Last month we announced a partnership with Metron to provide advanced solutions for transaction-based capacity planning. To showcase our combined offering, we’re holding two live Webinars in October.

We’ll tackle common problems such as:

  • What is the best approach for predicting the true impact of business growth on a specific department or product line?
  • Which application infrastructure can be consolidated without degrading service levels?
  • How will the relationship between the underlying components affect both the services and, in a wider context, the business that uses them?

By tracing transactions, Correlsense SharePath provides the required contextual visibility which enables capacity planning for complex environments, resulting in better and more accurate capacity planning. By feeding transaction contextual data into Metron’s Athene modeling software, this data becomes the basis for addressing all of the capacity questions faced by an organization. We hope you’ll join us!