News of the Week in Application Performance Management and IT Operations – May 21, 2012

Although Facebook’s IPO garnished mass attention across the airwaves here are the week’s highlights which touch both Application Performance Management (APM) and IT operations:

1) Dennis Drogseth from EMA research announced the merging of their Business Service Management and Application Management practices. This will allow a more determined focus on the increasingly related research areas:

2) Ron Miller at Real User Monitoring discussed the challenges and complexities of updating legacy environments:

3) David Linthicum discussed recent winners and losers in the move to big data. A trend the continues to dominate discussion in the IT media:

4) Texiwill of The Virtualization Practice raised two intriguing points on multi-tenancy: Is there a need for a product is designed for private infrastructure as a service to be multi-tenant? Is there a need for multi-tenancy when there is a single data owner?

5) Techrepublic compiled a list of the top 10 apps being blacklisted in the enterprise, for both performance and security risk: