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Online Gaming

Online gaming firms increasingly rely on complex systems to please their customers and increase revenue. See how SharePath is a sure bet.

The online gaming market is growing rapidly, with an estimated 321 billion Euros in gross winnings in 2012. But attracting, winning, and—most importantly—keeping customers, is a constant challenge, as bettors are 1 click away from hundreds of competitors. This is especially important when it comes to the top tier of bettors: the VIP customers.

VIP customers typically place larger bets, wager more frequently and can generate up to 80 percent of companies’ revenue depending on the games or sporting events involved. Retaining top betters is a crucial business goal.

Ensuring that VIPs always have an easy, fast and uninterrupted experience is the only way to ensure retention, Your website speed is critical. Just a quarter of a second difference can cost your business significant revenue. On average, 25 percent of users will leave a website if it takes more than 4-seconds to load. Furthermore, if your VIPs experience a stalled or failed bet, your customer service team must be alerted quickly before they go to the competition.

Correlsense’s SharePath is a software platform that helps online gaming firms provide real-time, proactive customer service and ultimately increase their lifetime value. Unlike waiting for customers to complain or take their action elsewhere, SharePath collects real-time data on 100% of players. This allows customer service reps the ability to provide immediate help when there is a site issue that affects bettors – particularly VIPs. Furthermore, IT, customer service, and business stakeholders will be alerted when VIP betters experience failed bets or deposits.

Whether you are a business stakeholder or in IT, SharePath allows you to deliver proactive customer service to your VIP customers by identifying performance problems before your customers leave your site.

With SharePath you can:

  • Track and receive alerts when VIP customers enter your site — SharePath collects data about 100% of your customer’s activity
  • Receive alerts when VIPs experience stalled or failed bets — Proactively service your VIP customers and keep them on your site
  • Understand your users in greater detail — Know exactly which customers are impacted by issues and proactively reach out to keep them on your site; identify your most important customers and provide them with premium customer service by tracking their activity
  • Set alerts — Congratulate big winners on their success and console big losers with incentives to ensure customer loyalty
  • Track wagers by device (computer, mobile, etc.), location and communications center — Get a better understanding of the customer experience by discovering where and when they are accessing your applications

By using SharePath, business and technology stakeholders can collaborate effectively through a single, comprehensive dashboard which provides metrics that are easily understood. It ensures your site is always up, always fast and always accurate so you can optimize revenue and secure customer loyalty.

Whether it is a real-time data feed, an individual wager or a marketing promotion to VIP customers, performance is a critical factor in guaranteeing your business’s success. Guarantee this performance with SharePath.

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