Online Retail


Online Retail

Online retail is a multi-billion dollar business that cannot afford outages or deliver a poor user experience. Read how SharePath can help ecommerce providers.

The volume of online retail sales has grown significantly in recent years, emerging as a $28 billion industry, according to This marketplace presents a unique challenge. Perceptions of the quality of a company’s product are initially built in the online experience. The decision to make a purchase or to move on and shop elsewhere is influenced by the service level delivered by a company’s IT services. This challenge presents an opportunity to optimize the processes of IT service levels.

Historically, IT organizations have focused on reporting the availability and performance information for discrete technical transactions that are components of a business transaction. This reporting tends to create an environment where IT personnel are not viewed as being closely aligned with business leaders. IT’s migration to reporting performance, availability and cost information on complete business transactions provides a great opportunity for teamwork between IT personnel and the users of IT systems. Focusing IT reporting on complete business transactions also provides a direct view into the quality of service being delivered to the customers of a company during online experiences. The experience of the customer across the life of the business transaction is extremely valuable.

The shopper doesn’t really value information on the individual components used by IT systems to deliver functionality. However, they do care about the time it takes to register with a company to make a purchase. They care about the security of their credit card information and having the assurance that their personal information has not been compromised. They care about the timeliness of the processes used in completing the transaction, as well as knowing the site is online and available and not plagued by outages.

SharePath by Correlsense provides the capability for monitoring and reporting that online retailers need in order to bring transparency to each of the situations that customers value. SharePath provides IT personnel with the capabilities necessary to detect the hardware and software used to support customer transactions. SharePath reports on the performance of the business transaction throughout its life even if it is made up of many discrete technical transactions. SharePath provides a spotlight into the interactive data center environment to highlight the movement or transmission of data. Information from this spotlight can be reviewed at any time to ensure that confidential personal information has not been sent to unauthorized sources.

The online retail market will continue to grow through the foreseeable future as new devices make it easier to shop anywhere, anytime. An investment in SharePath can create the opportunity for communications between IT personnel and business personnel to be focused on the performance and availability of business transactions. This sharpened focus has the potential to deliver better service for your company while increasing the potential for online sales.

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