Public Cloud Reality: Do We Stay or Do We Go?

The public vs private cloud debate is one that most enterprises are facing these day. Moving all of your business critical services to the cloud at the onset is not a winning strategy. Moving back and forth, mixing and matching has become recommended by some. Also, application monitoring will help fill the gaps as your organization gets ready for the cloud:

We are actually leaning towards moving on or more importantly back to our own Private Cloud where we can optimize for the performance we require. For a small enterprise this is always a tough decision, on one hand you have the cost of maintaining your own systems and the other you have the fact that we would be maintaining our own systems so we could test and play with new and old products. On the one hand, I gotta say the Cloud has been relatively maintenance free, well so has our own data center and private cloud. We occasionally change things in our own private cloud, but not all that often

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