Real User Monitoring for Native Mobile Applications


Real User Monitoring for Native Mobile Applications

Mobile applications allow your customers to access your services anywhere, anytime. As a result, understanding the end-user experience for native mobile apps is important to improving customer loyalty and retention. Otherwise, important business can be lost as customers who are on the go become frustrated with a poorly performing application and do not have the time or patience to call your customer support team.

Real User Monitoring for Native Mobile Applications offers a single, comprehensive view of mobile-enabled applications. It seamlessly integrates with SharePath, Correlsense’s end-to-end application performance management solution, to extend its wide-reaching visibility deep into the mobile experience.


  • Tracks real user activity for 100% of users (not samples or averages) providing an accurate picture of mobile app availability, response times and service level performance
  • Supports both iOS and Android by simply adding SharePath’s monitoring library to the app without code changes or server-level instrumentation
  • Ensures a complete understanding of the user experience, including what users are doing, when, and from which location
  • Provides detailed trending, reporting and alerting mechanisms that allow for proactive identification and resolution of performance issues
  • Presents findings in a single, comprehensive view that shows exactly how much time was spent at each step in the delivery process
  • Allows for deep, end-to-end visibility into application performance and problems by tracking real user activity from the device all the way into the data center
  • Automatically detects, classifies and assigns meaningful names to transactions, providing a common language for IT to communicate with business stakeholders

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