Service Level Management – The Game

lanir-shachamService level management doesn’t have to be so difficult. Read this article on how SharePath can visualize all application transactions.

In Sturm, Morris and Jander’s book, “Foundations of Service Level Management,” service level management (SLM) was defined as “the disciplined, proactive methodology and procedures used to ensure that adequate levels of service are delivered to all IT users in accordance with business priorities and at acceptable cost.”

What they didn’t mention in their book is “Service Level Management—The Game.”

At Correlsense, we believe that service level management should not be so tough (have you ever tried to use existing service level management solutions?). That is why we developed SharePath. SharePath aids in service level management by visualizing all application transactions in a single bubble chart. Performing SLM by visualization means that you can monitor enterprise application performance at a single glance.

Service Level Management – Game Layout

What is the bottom line in regards to service level management? How well you are complying with your service level agreement? Your transaction’s latencies? That is precisely what this bubble chart shows:

Service Level Management - Game Layout

  • Each bubble represents a transaction type.
  • The size of each bubble represents the number of transaction activations happening in the defined time frame.
  • The radial distance from the center of the chart represents how well certain transactions are complying with SLA requirements. A transaction bubble will be in the center of the chart if 100% of its activations comply with the SLA requirement.

Service Level Management – Game Objective

The point of the service level management game is to keep all of the transaction bubbles as close to the center as possible. Below is an example of someone who is losing the game by not complying with SLAs:

Service Level Management - Game Objective

So how do you win the service level management game? Consider SharePath, which will help you keep all of those transaction bubbles in the green zone.

Now, of course, SharePath’s bubble chart is much more advanced than what we have defined here in the game. Performing SLM at a glance is only one of many of SharePath’s capabilities. Contact us for an individualized online meeting so that we can show you what SharePath can do in your enterprise. View video.