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Learn how you can find and troubleshoot problems fast, even in the most complex IT environments. Get a complete, intuitive view of application performance across multiple tiers, technologies and platforms.

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If you would like to find out more about how our broad-coverage APM Software solutions can help your business, you can Try SharePath out for yourself directly from your Web browser.

What’s New in SharePath V4?

Maximize on search functionality and user interface for enhanced overall performance with these key features:

  • Advanced session search and drill down with strong filtering capabilities.
  • Smartification of SLA-compliance
  • Enablement of transaction groups that facilitate monitoring a series of transaction types.
  • New Application Diagnostic Report provides an end to end view (summary) of all the anomalies in the application performance/stack.
  • Transaction topology no longer just alert application slowness, but indicates a full array of problems an application is experiencing.

Correlsense SharePath is unique in its ability to trace single user requests for any application and follow it through the entire technology stack within an enterprise data-center. Some of the largest companies in the world rely on SharePath to manage critical application performance and ensure applications are always up and running as expected. SharePath shows how much of these five second interactions were spent in the web server, app server, database, message brokers, other apps and so forth.

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