SharePath Features

lanir-shachamSharePath is an innovative Business Transaction Management (BTM) platform based on patent pending technology that automates the monitoring and management of transactions across all tiers of an application. SharePath’s unique technology offers the following features and benefits:

  • SharePath tracks transactions from the moment any User clicks any button from their desktop through the entire Data Center providing complete transparency into your application.
  • SharePath monitors the SLAs of all transactions that are running through your system 24×7.
  • SharePath drastically cuts Mean Time to Resolution. If a specific SLA is not met; SharePath uncovers which application node is responsible for the latency and enables you to drill down to the cause of the service disruption.
  • SharePath is used for impact analysis whenever the application or infrastructure changes in development or production.
  • SharePath enables Business and IT to resolve issues through a common language – business transactions.

Advantages of SharePath

SharePath is typically installed, set-up, and producing value in just a couple of weeks and is a fraction of the cost of the traditional application management products it complements. Highlights of its breakthrough technology include:

  • Full coverage – See the path any transaction takes, start to finish
  • Environment Independent – Unlike other vendors, SharePath supports all environments and application components
  • Non-Invasive – There is no need for development and integration. No need even for code instrumentation
  • Resource Independent – Innovative technology allows monitoring of anything measurable
  • Auto-discovery – SharePath auto-discovers and learns your application without the need for manual profiling
  • Easy Deployment – The installation process has been carefully designed to be fast and easy. SharePath does not even require to restart the managed application

Answers to Pressing Business Challenges — Our Customers’ Drivers

IT Operations:
“I wish I knew what each transaction was doing and how it was performing, but I cannot afford the overhead.”

“Another day wasted in a war room for a problem that was not mine…”

“I don’t really care that all your systems are green, I still cannot use the online application because it’s too slow!”

“I need to talk to the business about technology in the context of business transactions and business processes, not systems and infrastructure.”