SharePath for Documentum


SharePath for Documentum

SharePath is an enterprise-class software solution designed to monitor performance inside the Documentum content server. By gaining visibility across Documentum’s infrastructure, you get an accurate picture of end user experience, potential bottlenecks and service levels.

The Documentum enterprise content management system has two major characteristics which cause significant challenges:

  • Highly Customized – The system provides a framework for creating customized business applications on top of Documentum. This framework includes a rich set of features varying from business logic to the presentation layer.
  • Complex Architecture – Documentum runs on a complex architecture which includes front-end servers (Webtop), load balancers, proprietary C-based content server protocols, reporting servers and a database.

The customized and complex architecture leads to the following issues:

  • Problem Isolation – Detecting the specific components causing problems in an architecture which features customized Webtop front ends, load balancers, C++ based content servers reporting servers and databases
  • Accountability – Proving the root cause of performance problems lies within the Documentum core code itself
  • Rollout Management – Completing customization/integration projects on time and within budget because of the inability to identify anomalies in pre-production environments

These challenges are multiplied because of the following factors:

  • Lack of expertise – Customization projects are often done by in-house personnel or 3rd party integrators who may not be aware of the performance implications of customized code. This results in bad code being rolled out, increasing frequency of performance issues and bottlenecks
  • No suitable tools – Documentum’s C++ based content server is unsupported by most APM tools which are limited to Java or .NET technologies
SharePath automatically detects all Documentum components and their interactions, including content servers, front-end servers and databases

SharePath automatically detects all Documentum components and their interactions, including content servers, front-end servers and databases


SharePath for Documentum helps you proactively manage the performance of applications across all components and quickly isolate problems. You will be able to track and meter every single end-user request through the front-end servers, DQL API, load balancers, and content server down to the database. You will also gain visibility into application bottlenecks, whether they are in the infrastructure, custom code or core application. This resolves problems fast and prevents you from rolling out a faulty application.

You can deploy SharePath in hours, without manual mappings, configurations or prior knowledge of the application’s internals. You’ll immediately gain the ability to track and meter all requests throughout the entire application stack without impacting overhead, allowing you to:

  • Isolate problems before your end users experience them
  • Collect accurate and detailed data about performance issues
  • Gain visibility into bottlenecks from all requests, through all components, including specific DQL and SQL statements
  • Ensure accountability by providing reliable data to multiple internal and external constituents
  • Produce performance reports with real time and historical trends to keep all stakeholders aligned

Why SharePath for Documentum?

The SharePath for Documentum advantages include:

  • Broadest Coverage – Designed for Documentum’s complex, heterogeneous high-volume, integrated production environment including its proprietary content server
  • Accurate – Actionable data – not samples and averages – collected from all the transactions, across all of the hops, all of the time
  • Efficient – Data for all stakeholders from one set of reliable analytics
  • Minimal Configuration – Straightforward installation and configuration without the need for prior application knowledge or developer assistance
  • Low Overhead – Proprietary lightweight collectors add virtually no overhead to application traffic inside Documentum


You will have access to consistent data to solve performance problems:

  • Documentum Application Owners – Maintain user satisfaction, gain application usage intelligence and track transaction performance
  • Infrastructure and Operations – Realize the impact of infrastructure changes on overall application performance and provide performance metrics to all stakeholders
  • Level One and Level Two Support – Identify and isolate the single source of performance problems across a complex application stack
  • Level Three Support – Gain visibility into the impact of customization code and Documentum API (DQL) usage, and provide evidence for customization integrator or other parties regarding elements that should be fixed
  • Business Executives – Gain business intelligence on system performance and user satisfaction