Healthcare Payers


Healthcare Payers

The US healthcare system is going through major changes. As an insurer or other payer you have to adapt to new requirements like Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, HITECH and HIPAA. Health payment systems are under stress and the performance of your software applications is the key to your success. The experience of the and related health exchange launches are examples of the both the problem and the opportunity.

We can help.

No matter the state of the revenue cycle (quote-to-card, claim-to-payment, etc.), you are under pressure to decrease costs, improve customer service, comply with government mandates and find a way to stay abreast of your competitors. You may even be implementing a new generation of core software to increase efficiency.

SharePath is fully compatible with TriZetto Facets and QNXT as well as solutions from major healthcare information systems vendors like Cerner and Epic. In fact, some of these companies use SharePath themselves.

SharePath is the only software that provides complete visibility into the performance of your systems – inside the walls of your company, at member companies, with approved hospitals and physicians groups, and to remote Software-as-a-Service applications. Our software monitors every user transaction across servers, middleware components, and a variety of endpoints – browsers, rich clients, and even terminals.

Your systems can be complex, covering everything from coding to fraud detection. They may interact with brokers, employers, subscribers, providers, and state and federal governments. Processing a claim, for example, may involve routing information across multiple internal and external networks and the cloud.

With SharePath you can:

  • Keep your revenue-generating and claims systems online and reduce planned downtime
  • Reduce the risk of implementing new core systems – SharePath helps you understand performance problems before they occur
  • Accelerate the quote-to-card process – Signing new customers and enrolling subscribers are the processes that generate revenue and SharePath can make them faster and more efficient
  • Streamline the claim-to-payment process – SharePath tracks the flow of information across all of your internal systems and their connections to provider systems
  • Comply with HIPAA regulations – SharePath can manage encrypted information and maintains an audit trail of your recent transactions
  • Reduce problem isolation time – SharePath’s one-click problem isolation gets to the root of the problem, even for the most intermittent and complex issues

SharePath’s easy to use dashboards give you the visibility that you need into your complex applications in order to ensure smooth operations and a positive experience for both internal and external users of your systems.

Download a FREE trial or view our demo. If you have specific questions or would just like to know more, please fill out the form below. We would be happy to tell you how to make your systems faster, more reliable, and ready for the coming changes in the market.