SharePath for IBM WebSphere Message Broker


SharePath for IBM WebSphere Message Broker


WMB-Request-Response-Flow-2-cropped-500x247As applications become increasingly connected, Enterprise Service Buses (ESBs) such as IBM WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) are being employed to handle the communication between disparate applications and services. ESBs, however, introduce new management challenges. They are often decoupled from the core application and execute business logic and code which adds complexity while increasing the time to detect and isolate performance issues. This leaves you with less clarity about what exactly occurs when individual messages flow into, within and out of the ESB.

Unlike other middleware management solutions that primarily focus on infrastructure monitoring, SharePath for IBM WebSphere Message Broker offers more granular visibility into where performance problems and errors occur, whether within message broker, in a specific node, or within the backend services or applications.


  • Provides accurate bottleneck detection by tracking and logging every single message flow across its entire execution, including external services
  • Helps you to easily find “lost messages” by any search criteria using a simple full-text search
  • Automatically detects all message flows and their external dependencies to provide real-time dependency mapping without the need for manual configuration, even when updating or deploying new message flows

Whether you are a middleware owner, IT operation manager or in a production support team, SharePath for WebSphere Message Broker gives you the ability to quickly understand dependencies and identify middleware bottlenecks. SharePath empowers you to take control of this critical enterprise component.

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