SharePath for Oracle Forms and E-Business Suite


SharePath for Oracle Forms and E-Business Suite

Today’s application performance management tools do not provide sufficient capabilities to monitor and manage Oracle Forms-based applications. Whether a home grown Forms-based application or packaged applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, which is based on a mixed Forms and Java technology, there are no adequate tools to monitor these types of technologies. While you can track basic performance data such as CPU usage, SQL activity, database response times and session activity, it can be challenging to acquire the real-time data and cross-tier visibility you need to manage your Oracle Forms-based applications if you are an Application Support Engineer, Application Owner, QA Engineer or Forms Developer.


SharePath is the first ever integrated real-user experience and transaction management solution for Oracle Forms-based Applications. It provides a unique end-to-end view of application performance and the visibility necessary to assure Oracle Forms-based applications are performing well and meeting end-user expectations and SLAs.

You can deploy SharePath in just hours with no manual mappings, no application-specific configurations and no prior knowledge of the application internals. Once deployed, SharePath automatically detects, tracks and meters all user requests throughout the entire application stack (from the end-user Forms applet through the Apache, OC4J, Forms runtime and Oracle database), allowing you to:

  • Isolate problems before end users experience them

Transaction Tree description

  • Gain visibility into the potential source of application bottlenecks from end-user requests through all components of the application, from desktop and application logic down to specific SQL statements
  • Monitor your real end-user experience with both real-time and historical trends of performance metrics
  • Reduce risk and overall time to roll out patches and upgrades
  • Analyze stress-tests to identify, isolate and resolve scalability issues across your entire application stack


  • Real end-user monitoring with transaction-level insight including the name of the Forms window, action performed, and item label used by the end user, along with the response time of the action
  • Automatic identification of the business transaction with naming and classification

Topology Map

  • Full transaction tracking including the path and metering of every individual user request through the entire application technology stack, from the end-user applet through apache, OC4J and forms runtime down to the database and the SQLs
  • Cross-tier application performance analysis and trending along with user-transaction context
  • Cross-tier change impact analysis for fast isolation and resolution of bottlenecks or outages
  • Application dependency mapping in real-time
  • A full array of graphics and reports of application performance statistics and historical data


For Application Support – Identify problems before receiving calls from angry users and gain visibility into the source of the problems to determine immediate solutions needed and proper escalation path.

For Application Owners – Analyze real-end-user performance metrics and usage statistics for all transactions, manage service-levels, generate performance reports, collaborate with business stakeholders and reduce production rollout times and application change risks.

For QA Engineers, Stress Testers and Developers – Gain visibility into cross-tier transaction behavior and realize how changes impact the real-user experience. Isolate bottlenecks, whether in Forms logic or database code, to assure application scalability.

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