SharePath on ITIL

lanir-shachamSharePath can assist in various ITIL areas, including incident management, problem management, and change and release management.

This article discusses how SharePath by Correlsense can assist in various ITIL areas:

ITIL: Incident Management

With SharePath, event correlation is inherent. SharePath alerts on real service level violations of the end-user experience. All service violations are already correlated to all of the IT components that that service relies on, eliminating the guess work that normally occurs in event correlation.

ITIL: Problem Management

Accounting for every millisecond of end-user response time spent in the entire transaction path, SharePath is always able to provide the location of a problem, along with enough data to enable the rapid resolution of the problem.

Change & Release Management

SharePath automatically audits the impact of application and configuration changes and stores them in the reliability management database (RMDB). SharePath acts as a bridge between the test and production environments by providing a common platform to assess the impact of changes on people, process and technology down to the most granular level.

Configuration Management

SharePath automatically discovers and models the topology based on real transactions, keeping the CMDB up-to-date with accurate relational configuration items, instead of relying on static modeling.

Continuity Management

SharePath enables the unit-level testing and auditing of vital business functions for disaster recovery testing and failover scenario management.

Availability Management

SharePath monitors SLA compliance across all tiers instead of being limited to specific tiers. All services are auto-discovered and given SLA thresholds, eliminating the classic need for time consuming configuration.

IT Security Management

SharePath tracks all transactions including the location they are coming from, exactly where they are going and what they are doing—powerful data for both detection of security risks and forensic analysis.

Service Desk

SharePath enables Help Desk staff to provide immediate answers to end users along with concrete information on who needs to be called upon to resolve an incident and close the ticket.

IT Financial Management

SharePath provides chargeback reports for every IT component along with accurate data for financial planning.

Capacity Management

SharePath provides data for the creation of accurate capacity planning models for multi-tier applications by automatically relating between data cente- wide transaction volumes and the resources they consume on the underlying infrastructure. SharePath provides the concrete metrics needed in order to answer the question, “Does the application need to be tuned or does more hardware need to be provisioned?”


SharePath leverages its full RMDB to prove regulatory compliance even across virtual servers. SharePath also provides application developers with production metrics without access to production (segregation of duty).


SharePath provides a full transaction audit trail of all user activities along with trending metrics.

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