SharePath 3.0 Is Here To Get You The Answers You Need, Fast!


owlsmall-300x199I am so excited to have SharePath 3.0 released today. We’ve invested a lot of time and effort to create it and I must tell you that the outcome looks awesome!

I was planning to share with you what goals we had set for this version and what we have achieved, until a few days ago I read an article on APM Digest. The article was talking about the “Top Factors Impacting Application Performance Management,” and surprisingly (or actually not so surprising?) it concluded everything I wanted to share. SharePath 3.0 really nails it down. Like no other product does.

Before I get to share the details of what’s new with 3.0, I’d like to start with the quote (from Julie Craig, EMA) that opened this very same article:

“When trying to pin down the top factors impacting application performance, the right answer is that there is no right answer…the source of a performance problem could be almost anywhere! Almost anything that touches an application either improves or degrades performance…Determining whether that is infrastructure, code, data, the network, the application architecture, the endpoint, or another application is the name of the game — and the big reason why APM solutions are so valuable.”

Gets You The Right Answers, Faster
I couldn’t agree more with Julie. Problems can be anywhere. What’s unique about SharePath is that all these different elements come together in a unified context – the end user transaction context. It is the only single product that combines the ability to follow every single user request transaction across the entire application architecture (not just the application servers, but the web servers and integration layers, or anything which is not just Java or .Net for that matter) and collect data from multiple layers (network, infrastructure, application code). Being able to know so much about each and every user request, means you get high quality information and not just piles of data. It means you get the definitive answers you want to rely on.

Scale Higher, Monitor Many Applications, Don’t Lose Visibility
Our customers have proven to us over and over again they haven’t bought SharePath to monitor an application or two. They need it across the board. Some of them are monitoring tens of critical applications, and growing. They wanted us to assure them they can do all that on a single management server, without losing visibility, without losing granularity, without losing functionality, and to sustain unexpected peaks. And so we did!

APM and Big Data – a Buzzword?
33,200,000. That’s the number of results Google gave me when I searched for “Big Data.” Almost  the same number as “Virtualization,” which has been here for much longer. But in the APM space, “Big Data” is not just a buzzword. The increase of traffic, complexity, applications and integration levels are a challenge for every APM vendor, and the ability to store and analyze so much information is a Big Data problem. SharePath 3.0 can store and analyze a lot more information that it used to, thanks to a new NoSQL backend. This significant step forward will have a great positive impact on our upcoming versions as well, so stay tuned!