SharePath XenApp Citrix Collector


SharePath XenApp Citrix Collector


Correlsense introduces the new SharePath Citrix Collector that unifies Citrix User Experience with Back-End Application Performance Data. The new Citrix Collector provides the missing puzzle piece for a complete view of a transaction performance end to end.

Integrating Citrix Metrics into SharePath UI
The new SharePath Citrix XenApp Collector provides access to Citrix Performance Metrics (e.g. ICA Latency between XenApp Terminal and actual XenApp Server) straight from the SharePath UI by simply clicking the XenApp node in the topology map:

SharePath UI


Measuring the Latency Between XenApp Terminal and Actual XenApp Server

On every monitored XenApp node, the SharePath Agent and the Citrix Collector can be installed to provide the missing puzzle piece of information. Together with the monitoring information that is currently collected about application performance in the data center, the Citrix Collector will provide Real User Monitoring Data for all sessions that run on a specific XenApp, as well as data on the sessions’ performance. Two type of metrics are provided here – general server metrics and session specific metrics. Both of the metrics are provided by the collector and shown on the screen.

Citrix Collector

Supported Versions
Citrix XenApp Server 6.5 and up
Citrix Ready

SharePath by Correlsense is listed on Citrix Ready Marketplace which hosts an extensive list of verified products, trusted solutions, and enterprise-enabled apps that are compatible with Citrix: