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Data Center Monitoring – The Good, Bad and the Ugly: 10 Application Performance Management Issues in Data Centers

As I’m sure you all know, today’s environments produce complex issues. All kinds. The Impact on APM (Application Performance Management) and conversely APM’s impact on those issues is no more visible than in the confines of the modern… Read More

Fuel Cell Backup Generators

Application performance is a many-headed thing. Ultimately application software executes on servers and these reside in data centers. So how do the hosting centers perform? Many companies want to operate, or at least market themselves, as green companies…. Read More

NSA Data Center Winks Off

Edward Snowden was recently catapulted into international notoriety, when this former NSA consultant revealed that the US Government is reading your email, looking at your Facebook pictures, scanning your Microsoft SkyDrive documents, and listening in on international conversations… Read More

Netflix’s Emmy and its Simian Army

Netflix recently upset the status quo when their in-house series “House of Cards,” starring Kevin Spacey, shoved aside offerings from the networks and cable channels to win the Emmy Award for Best Director.  Hollywood studios and television executives,… Read More

Reducing Risk During a Data Center Migration

Although data center migration projects are multifaceted—from construction to cooling to provisioning software and storage—the primary objective is to facilitate the delivery of IT services to end users in a cost-effective manner. If applications are not performing up… Read More

Transaction Tracing and Stitching

The final episode of this three-part series covers transactions as they traverse the data center through multiple tiers across the infrastructure to the end-user’s desktop. The discussion covers defining the level of the tracking, rules setting, and service… Read More