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Java Bytecode Instrumentation Limitations

A real transaction management product needs to follow through the transaction between different types of application-related components such as proxies, Web servers, app servers (Java and non-Java), message brokers, queues, databases and so forth. In order to do… Read More

End-to-End Transaction Monitoring

End-to-end transaction monitoring solutions should monitor all of the infrastructure’s components, yet some solutions only monitor one part of the bigger picture. The term “end-to-end” relative to transaction monitoring is very over-used. End-to-end Website monitoring, end-to-end server performance… Read More

Java Bytecode Instrumentation and Transaction Tracing

Imagine you want to debug your code, or better yet, profile your code during run time. Bytecode instrumentation (BCI) (see my last post) is a perfect solution, since by using BCI an external tool can add code to… Read More

Service Level Management – The Game

Service level management doesn’t have to be so difficult. Read this article on how SharePath can visualize all application transactions. In Sturm, Morris and Jander’s book, “Foundations of Service Level Management,” service level management (SLM) was defined as… Read More

Service Level Management Made Easy with Transaction Management

Service Level Management can be implemented effectively by using a transaction management solution. Review these key steps. Implementing Service Level Management successfully requires appropriate technology support. Service Level Management involves both business and IT processes that need to be carried out. Transaction… Read More

Transaction Discovery

Episode 2 of this three-part podcast series takes a closer look at the differences between synchronous and asynchronous transactions and the requirements for tracing transactions end-to-end. Participants: Lanir Shacham, CTO, Correlsense Doug McClure, IT blogger and service management… Read More

Much More Than a SOAP Monitor

This article discusses how SharePath provides immediate visibility into complex SOA transactions–more than just SOAP monitoring. Imagine the following scenario: An apache server running PHP receives a request for availability of an item. The PHP code uses nusoap… Read More

Video Series Episode 3 – IT Reliability

My previous 2 posts discuss the new videos we have posted to YouTube about how to solve the end-to-end transaction tracing problem. Thinking about it some more, I doubt there’s another company in our space that was founded by guys… Read More

Correlsense SharePath for IT Reliability (Part 3 of 3)

Lanir Shacham, Correlsense CTO, on using transaction data for capacity planning, performance management, cost allocation, change management, and auditing.  Read more…

Video Series Episode 2 – Transaction Tracing

In my last post, I told you about a new video series I have posted to YouTube. In it, I discuss the big problem—tracing each transaction end-to-end from the user’s desktop to the last call to the mainframe. Although… Read More

Video Series Episode 1 – Solving the Big Problem

Did you notice they made me a movie star? If not, you really need to visit YouTube. It took us a very long morning to wrap up all the shooting – real funny experience. Now I know how the… Read More

The Dark Side of Enterprise Software

I’m renovating my house—opening a door to the deck and garden area and arranging my garden a bit. Although it’s not a huge project, it still requires the coordination of a few contractors. Now, I can complain and… Read More

Transaction Tracing and Stitching

The final episode of this three-part series covers transactions as they traverse the data center through multiple tiers across the infrastructure to the end-user’s desktop. The discussion covers defining the level of the tracking, rules setting, and service… Read More

How Correlsense Solves the Transaction Tracing Problem (Part 2 of 3)

Lanir Shacham, Correlsense CTO, on unlocking the solution to end-to-end transaction tracing.  Read more…

What is the Transaction Tracing Problem? (Part 1 of 3)

Lanir Shacham, Correlsense CTO, discusses end-to-end transaction tracing and why DB performance management tools, Java/.Net diagnostics, or sniffers don’t work.  Read more…

What We Do – 1-Minute Description

Lanir Shacham, Correlsense CTO, explains what Correlsense is all about.  Read more…

How We Got Started

Lanir Shacham, Correlsense CTO, on how the company got its start by solving the IT war room problem.  Read more…

What’s Unique about SharePath?

Lanir Shacham, Correlsense CTO, explains why SharePath is different from other transaction management solutions.  Read more…

The Evolution of Business Transaction Management – Part I

Information Technology contributes to the efficiency of the human race like nothing else. Keeping up with the management of complex IT systems requires constant innovation;systems management has come a long way since the days of “Big Iron”. The fourth… Read More

Site Speed Affects the End User Experience

Site speed refers to how fast a site responds to a user request and is an important factor for providing a good online experience. Not every Website owner realizes that the success of his or her Website depends… Read More