Tame Costly IT Outages with APM Solutions

The enterprise sector is growing at breakneck speed with organizations across all industry verticals and sizes leveraging IT solutions to enhance productivity while minimizing losses. Technological advancements are driving better results by empowering businesses to maintain higher uptime, faster IT performance and quicker response times – all at lower costs. However, IT outages are a major hurdle plaguing technology performance, which is especially critical for business success in the highly competitive corporate sector.

While it’s practically impossible to derive the actual cost of downtime, researchers at the Ponemon Institute conclude the figure averages to the tune of $5,600 per minute. And considering the interconnected IT industry, outages at a single IT services provider can impact its vast corporate customer base – think Amazon outages! Although Amazon offers a variety of service tiers to ensure continuous availability, downtime tends to find its way through to its customers, even those as big as Reddit and GoDaddy, who have likely subscribed to the company’s top service tiers.

It appears as if eliminating downtime completely is simply impossible in the real world – unless you’re willing to compromise the functionality and flexibility of your IT infrastructure in favor of uptime, an approach that ultimately suppresses productivity and, as a result, business value.

However, IT departments can greatly reduce downtime by analyzing performance, anticipating potential issues and being proactive in order to contain any problems before they impact end users. IT issues often escalate beyond control if left unattended in their initial stages. Identification is the first step toward mitigating such issues, and APM solutions with predictive analytics capabilities provide IT professionals with visibility into technical issues in advance, enabling them to take corrective measures in a timely manner.

In many cases, IT issues appear from the user’s perspective even when no problem is detected on the network side. APM solutions monitor the End-User-Experience (EUE) for potential issues and alert relevant IT departments so they can understand what customers are seeing and perform corrective measures accordingly.

It takes a great deal of effort to build a strong customer base and an even greater effort to retain it. At the same time, losing customers can be easy if your e-commerce site is offline or takes too long to load, providing a chance for your competitors to steal your unsatisfied customers.

Robust APM solutions ensure end-to-end IT performance while reducing occurrences of escalated IT issues by addressing all of the complexities mentioned here. The enterprise sector has barely stepped out of the global economic recession and CIOs need to balance uptime with the flexibility and functionality of their IT services to expand their customer base. Dedicating resources for APM solutions from already-stretched IT budgets not only helps reduce costly downtime, but also allows IT departments to focus on innovation as well as pursuing business goals without losing sleep worrying about outages likely to strike otherwise.