The Dark Side of the Cloud

Cloud Computing offers organizations the ability to increase scalability quickly and for a cheap price. However, there are certain downside associated with using outsourced off-premise resources. For instance, how do you ensure your reliable application performance as you move into the cloud? If you are on a public cloud, how do you ensure the vendor is committed to SLAs? While cloud can offer some advantageous short term benefits, are there more downsides in the long term?

“Current momentum favors the cloud. The immediate benefits of leased computing power, which eliminates the capital commitments of local computing, are outweighing longer-term concerns about the sustainability of the cloud model, particularly regarding maintenance of both freedom and privacy in the face of government snooping and power grabbing. Is there any way to return to a less centralized model that still gives users powerful computing capabilities without focusing so much control in the hands of a few?”

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