The rise of SOA: Integration gateways converge

The rise of service-oriented architecture (SOA) is leading to a convergence of integration gateways for application development, governance, and overall management. However, completing this integration process requires a holistic approach. Furthermore, understanding how each individual component interacts and gaining visibility across platforms, layers and tiers can be problematic. Application performance management strategies should be coupled with SOA integrations to help combat these issues.

When considering a strategy for SOA gateways, it is important to keep your overall integration strategy in mind. “It’s not just about managing and securing services and APIs; it also requires creating and designing those services and APIs, hosting and exposing them, creating and engaging communities around them and, most importantly, being able to integrate them,” explained Almenta Reca. “You need to think about these strategies together, end to end, and your choice of tools should reflect the same holistic approach.”

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