TikTok And Instagram’ Trigger’ Eating Disorders By Advertising Body-Editing Apps

With the advancement of social media and the internet, there are certain things that we tend to like and resonate with that may have an inverted inclination towards reality. Virtual friends, fake success stories, non-existent couple goals, and most notorious are fabricated body shapes. All these have impacted our lives differently to the extent of redefining what we knew earlier.

Tiktok and Instagram have been advertising some body-editing apps that have gained popularity as they give you the power to change anything you don’t like about your body. Is it a slim waist, bigger muscles, or a sexy figure? Worry not since the editing apps got you covered.

These body-editing apps being advertised by Tiktok and Instagram may trigger some harm and change in youth lifestyle. Yesterday BBC featured a story of the so-called body-editing apps that provoked eating disorders among the youth. In the report, BBC mentioned that the most vulnerable in the society easily succumbed to the pressures of having an ideal body that mascarade TikTok and Instagram recently.

BBC also pointed out Eating Disorder Charities’ concern on the rising issue of eating disorders being fuelled by the apps. Hope Virgo, an Eating disorder campaigner, linked the rising eating disorder cases to the apps in his speech. She stated- “Over the last year, we have seen a huge increase in the number of people with eating disorders, and while eating disorders aren’t necessarily caused by bad body image, we know there are some intrinsic links. The fact that Instagram and TikTok are currently advertising body-changing apps will fuel this epidemic of eating disorders further.”

Pointing a blaming finger on social media platforms, Virgo further maintained that Tiktok and Instagram should maintain healthy youth practices. “Social media companies need to be held to account and stop this unhealthy and unhelpful messaging.” She added.

Another lady who had previously fallen victim to the pressures that come with these apps also told BBC of the ordeal she underwent. Danae Mercer, a journalist with a history of healthy eating, gave her story of the negative impact the body-editing apps have on the youth. “Teens and young girls don’t understand these things yet, not fully. In the same way, we wouldn’t allow weight loss products to be marketed at children. We need to really push for new regulations around what apps are allowed to target vulnerable audiences. Especially when those apps edit bodies.”

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