Transaction Management – Linking Business and IT

lanir-shachamTransaction management is the IT process that links the business process with the IT infrastructure. By tracing transactions, you know where problems exist.

Most businesses have IT–a complex infrastructure of hardware components that interact in order to provide a service or application to its users. The users are either paying customers or employees and associates who, in turn, provide services or products to paying customers. Those users are the lifeblood of business—the source of revenue that enables the business to thrive.

Transaction management solutions provide the link between all of the processes and interactions that run throughout your IT and the business’ source of income—the individual transaction activations.

How does transaction management do this? The concept is elegantly simple, yet yields complete visibility into the entire system. Every piece of data that enters or leaves each server, along with the resource consumption of every process in every server, is linked to a transaction activation. In this manner, not only is IT able to connect the different “dots” within a data center, but IT can connect to the most important dot of them all, the user.

Any problem that arises within the IT infrastructure will always be identified by the user (unless it is a false alarm), with the power to “connect between the dots” and see every parameter and statement within its business context (the transaction activation), and problem resolution becomes much less difficult.

The following video gives a clear view of the importance of transaction management and its ability to link business and IT.