Video Series Episode 1 – Solving the Big Problem

lanir-shachamDid you notice they made me a movie star? If not, you really need to visit YouTube. It took us a very long morning to wrap up all the shooting – real funny experience. Now I know how the news anchors feel ☺ They keep staring at the camera, and in that camera, if you really focus you see yourself since it’s like a mirror…so it’s actually like talking to yourself in the bathroom, only this time with other people in the room. The funniest part was that I was just in a middle of a great scene, all of my words and whiteboard drawings came out great, and suddenly the cameraman collapsed on us! The good thing is we managed to finish the shoot and he is fine.

I’m happy with the outcome. I think that it’s important to emphasize the difference between solving the big problem of transaction tracing – which no one has solved until SharePath (it is the technical truth! If you are a real professional you’ll realize it very fast) – and the rest of the solutions in our market. Our market has become very crowded…everyone has APM, BSM, BTM or any other three letter buzzword. When you really examine it – they all sell exactly the same products, nothing new. So go ahead, check out our first video of the series on YouTube: What is the Transaction Tracing Problem?