Video Series Episode 2 – Transaction Tracing

lanir-shachamIn my last post, I told you about a new video series I have posted to YouTube. In it, I discuss the big problem—tracing each transaction end-to-end from the user’s desktop to the last call to the mainframe.

Although you’ll hear a lot about DB performance management tools, Java/.Net diagnostics, or sniffers, don’t get fooled! Try the other solutions out, choose a complex topology and simply ask to see a full transaction with all the internal calls and steps all the way from the user’s desktop through all the different components in your data center. You will never get to see it all! They will throw slides, dashboards, meters, fancy reports – but you will not get to see a single transaction (a real one, not a synthetic one) with the kind of visibility that a true transaction tracing solution should offer.

In this 2nd video, I explain how Correlsense solves the end-to-end transaction tracing problem (complete with whiteboard illustrations :-0). View the video: How Correlsense Solves the Transaction Tracing Problem.

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