Video Series Episode 3 – IT Reliability

lanir-shachamMy previous 2 posts discuss the new videos we have posted to YouTube about how to solve the end-to-end transaction tracing problem.

Thinking about it some more, I doubt there’s another company in our space that was founded by guys that actually solved performance problems for a living. I’d bet more on big shot founders that forgot what a line of code looks like, or business/product managers from a Java profiling vendor that decided they can do it better. But none of them were actually on the other side.

Well both Oren and I were, and we’ve been doing this for over a decade now. (Check out this short clip on how/why we started Correlsense.) We really feel the pain and frustration when there’s a crisis and you really don’t have a clue. We’ve been in this spot so many times in the past….a true transaction tracing solution is the only product that can help during these situations, and right now, still, there is only one available.

The last part of this 3-part series goes beyond application performance management and discusses how you can use the data we collect for capacity planning, cost allocation, change management, and more. View Part 3: Correlsense SharePath for IT Reliability.

The other 2 videos in the series are:
What is the Transaction Tracing Problem (Part 1 of 3)
How Correlsense Solves the Transaction Tracing Problem (Part 2 of 3)
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