What End-to-End REALLY Means

First of all, I apologize to all my readers for not writing in a while, we had a very busy 4th quarter. One of the things we did was to participate in the CMG conference in Las Vegas. Well Vegas was great. I’m the kind of guy that takes pride in losing money, since that means I played and played. If you end up winning, it just means you were not playing enough, doesn’t it?

A few things I found out during the conference:

  • There are a lot of mainframe guys out there–still. And I think that all of them were in Vegas during that week. I wonder if it raises the insurance cost for such events. Just imagine what will happen, if, God forbid, something bad happened to the conference attendees. These mainframe guys handle the most critical applications in the US!
  • Almost all of them have the title “capacity and performance manager.” Strange, I thought that when it comes to MF, there are no performance and capacity problems. That’s the whole idea with MF, isn’t it?
  • 80% of conference attendees are there for the giveaways. The first one to create a conference which is just for giveaways will make a fortune!

All the different vendors had this big statement, “We can provide end-to-end visibility.” Funny, none of them have a real end-to-end transaction tracing product.

So after a lot of thought I understood what they REALLY meant: “We can sell you different stuff for your entire topology (‘end-to-end’), but it will be a different product with no integration whatsoever for every different tier in your topology—product A for your user experience, product B for your app server, product C for your database, and product D for your network…”

They will talk to all the different IT departments (‘end-to-end’), try to sell you an expensive and long-term site license (‘end-to-end’), and then make you pay them for every hour of integration and installation (‘end-to-end’). After you have a bunch of them working for you daily for months on different implementation projects (‘end-to-end’), you’ll find yourself in pretty much the same place you were before, only without a budget for products that can actually help.

End-to-end, yeah…