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Why Monitor Ecommerce Platforms Magento and SAP Hybris?

Posted on May 03, 2018
Monitoring for e-commerce is integral for business success, perhaps more so than any other type of company website. Behind the scenes of an e-commerce website, are the clues to understanding your customer behavior and e-commerce infrastructure dependencies. Without adequate monitoring, you’re in the dark about user experience … Continue reading

It Reliability Through Business Transaction Management

Posted on August 18, 2010
Every organization wants IT reliability: confidence that technology powered business processes will be available, perform well, and adapt to changing business conditions. Companies need to know exactly what is going on and need to be able to predict what the … Continue reading

Correlsense SharePath – Making Sense Of Transaction Data In The Cloud

Posted on May 10, 2010
Written by Jane Clabby, Analyst, Clabby Analytics Back in March 2010, Clabby Analytics wrote a report on a Business Transaction Management (BTM) — an evolving segment of the application performance management marketplace. We described what BTM is, how the market is evolving, … Continue reading

It Reliability In Plain English

Posted on June 23, 2009
Posted by Lanir Shacham At Correlsense, we sell a software product called SharePath, which is the first coherent IT Reliability solution for enterprises. So what is IT Reliability? In general, it is about allowing IT staff to take control of their … Continue reading

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Comparing Server Performance – For Every Citrix Transaction

Comparing Server Performance – For Every Citrix TransactionUnifying Citrix User Experience with Back-End Application Performance Data provides the missing puzzle piece for a complete view of a transaction performance end to end.





Application Performance Management For Oracle Forms

Today’s application performance management tools do not provide sufficient capabilities to monitor and manage Oracle Forms-based applications, and it can be challenging to acquire the real-time data and cross-tier visibility you need.



Transaction-Based Capacity Planning White Paper Download

Managing day-to-day IT operations is like piloting a large freightliner; on some days, the trip is smooth sailing, while other days are fraught with stress. Which is why up-to-date analytical data is vital for reaching informed business decisions.



Innovative Strategies for SaaS Application Performance Management White Paper Download

InnovativeStrategiesforSaaSApplicationPerformanceManagement_cover_imageEnterprise adoption of the SaaS model continues to grow rapidly. Earlier concerns about SaaS, including data security and operational reliability, have faded in most enterprises, and many organizations now consider hosted applications as the norm.



Managing Performance in Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) and Shared Services Environments White Paper Download

ManagingPerformanceinSOAandSharedServicesEnvironments_cover_imageMany IT organizations are deploying applications that rely on SOA and shared services models often coupled with a private cloud infrastructure. While these architectures help you become more agile, they also introduce new challenges.



Ensuring the Performance of Healthcare Provider Systems White Paper Download

EnsuringPerformanceofHealthcare_cover_imageThe US spends more per person on healthcare than any other country. Individuals, businesses, the government, and the healthcare industry are increasingly focused on ways to deliver more while spending less.