Your SLA can't be a Marketing Gimmick

SLAs serve as a contract between vendors and customers for any cloud based service. But what tools or strategies can customers employ to hold vendors accountable to these agreements? Application performance management is a method by which IT operations can gain visibility into the service provided by these vendors. If don’t have the tools to gather performance metrics on SLAs, the agreement is no more than a marketing ploy:

“Cloud SLAs are not just pieces of paper. If you’re going to make a guarantee of any sort in a contract, then you’re going to have to be prepared to do something,” said Tom Nolle, president of Voorhees, N.J.-based consultancy CIMI Corp. “You also have to be aware that every dime you add to your infrastructure, network, servers, resources, data center network, storage software and operations sucks a buck out of your bottom line. At some point in time, the services become unprofitable for you to offer.”

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